Scientific applications

Crystallography of biological macromolecules.


X-ray beam

Bending magnet BM30
Energy range 7-18 keV
Beam size 0.3x0.3 mm2
Beam divergence hor: 2.0 mrad
  ver: 0.1-1.0  mrad
Intensity 2.4e11 photons/(0.3x0.3 mm2) at 0.98 Ang



Optical elements Mirror M1 Double crystal mono. Mirror M2
Type Si with Pt coating 1st crystal: flat, LN2 cooled. 2nd crystal: sagital Zerodur with Pt coating
Focusing type vert. foc. horiz. foc. by sagittal
curved 2nd crystal
vert. foc.

An over-focusing horizontal mirror is located close to the goniometer. When engaged, vertical divergence is increased (1 mrad) but flux on the sample is improved by a factor 4.


  • A ADSC Q315r CCD detector
  • A Roentec Multi-Channel Analyser
  • Softwares available on the beamline for data reduction are XDS and MOSFLM.


Beamline control

  • PCs Linux
  • Web applications


Ancillary equipment

  • "Visualization Bench" for micro-plates screening
  • Stereo microscopes LEICA MZ6
  • Refrigerator (4 deg. C) and congelator (-18 deg. C)
  • 20°C incubator
  • Cryo tools (wands, cryo tongs, curved vial clamps, crystal cap magnetic systems, cryo loops, Dewars)
  • Magnetic mini-agitator
  • Vortex agitator, etc...


Beamline 3D vue