The main systems in the Experimental hutch are:

  • A beam collimating system (motorized slits, for definition of the beam size in 0.1-0.3 mm range), equipped with a beam monitoring system (a position monitor before the collimator for real time positioning and an intensity monitor at experiment/sample position),
  • An horizontal overfocusing mirror, for flux maximization in the collimator (x4 when engaged),
  • A micro diffractometer equiped with a mini-Kappa, capable of orienting the crystal in any direction, spindle axis horizontal, goniometer head with a remote controlled crystal rotation and translation,
  • A Roentec fluorescence detector,
  • A ADSC Q315r CCD detector,
  • A crystal cryocooling system: (80-375 K),
    The cryostream cooler (700 Series Cryostream Cooler) is a nitrogen gas low temperature system for X-ray diffraction (temperature range: 80-375K, temperature stability: 0.1 K).
  • An On-Axis camera to monitor the crystal position (3-click centering).
  • G-Rob robotic sample-changer.
  • G-Rob robotic goniometer, with capability for data collection "in the plate" (the so called "in situ" data collection).
  • Labs facilities,
    Close to the experiment room and the control room, a small lab is available for crystals mounting (see the User Guides).